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Baggage Freight Volume Calculator

If you are looking into baggage freight solutions, there will be a number of things you need to know and consider when making a final decision. The majority of baggage freight firms provide an online service like shipping from China which allows customers to obtain an obligation free quotation to allow them to price up the options that are available to them. There are many factors involved in the overall price that is charged to the consumer and one the elements is the volume of the freight that needs to be shipped.

This is a simple calculation and the shipping from Australia websites will walk you through the process. In order to correctly calculate the baggage freight volume, some measurements of the package have to be taken. It is important measure all of the elements in the same measurement style with centimetres or inches being amongst the most popular. Either of these options is fine but it is important to be consistent in your choice of measurement.

In order to properly calculate the baggage freight volume, three elements have to be measured. The length, width and the height of the package or parcel need to be obtained in order to determine the cubic weight of the package. All three elements need to be multiplied and then multiplied by the overall weight of the package and then divided by 4,000 to obtain the cubic weight of the package

((Length x Width x Height) x Weight in kgs) / 4,000 = Cubic Weight
As an example, a box which was 10cm in length, 20cm in width, 30cm in height and weighed 1kg would have an overall cubic weight of 1.5.
((10 x 20 x 30) x 1) / 4,000 = 1.5

This calculation provides the basis for determining the overall cost of the package. Clearly the total distance the parcel needs to be shipped will have an influence on the total cost as will the method of shipping from Australia. Shipping by air is a faster delivery method but it is also a costlier method so it is important for customers to know of their overall budget before they decide shipping from China is the best solution for them. Having the baggage arrive as quickly as possible is going to be of benefit but if there is no need for the baggage to arrive by a certain time, choosing to use a slower method of transportation may be a better solution.

Being able to calculate the cubic weight and volume at home means that the consumer can make the right decision for them. In days gone by, people would have been forced to take their package to a post office where it would be weighed and the cost would be calculated then. The fact that people would have to take their package home with them if they didn’t send it led many to just accept the price they were told. This is no longer the case and customers can take the decision of choosing shipping from Australia which is right for them.